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I may be able to help with any of these:

Trauma                             Depression

Anxiety                              Anger                   

Relationship Issues       Sexual and Gender Questions

Grief and Loss                  Substance Use 

With substance issues, I support both 12-Step and Moderation Management approaches.

  - I welcome veterans with Tricare coverage. 


We may work with patterns of thinking or with your deep emotions. We can include emotionally supportive hypnotherapy. Your needs set the pace. Give me a call. You may discover pleasantly surprising things about yourself. 


There's no fee to chat to see if you feel a personal match. Why wait? Contact me today 

Joe Turner works with adults from all walks of life. 

Straight or gay, mainstream or alternative, spiritual or skeptic, sometimes it's good to have assistance. 

In a therapeutic conversation, we can find buried tangles that dull your satisfaction and block you from making change. And we can sort them out. Gently. Safely.


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