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What is Hypnotherapy? 

If your body is a hotel for your conscious mind, your unconscious mind is the hotel staff.

In hypnotherapy, you can connect more productively with that staff. 

 Like a well-functioning staff, your unconscious mind handles much of your everyday life without being noticed. On the physical level, it controls your breathing, your blood pressure, your heart rate and much more. On the level of the psyche, your unconscious mind is the part of you that dreams at night. It manages emotions, memory, and automatic behavior. Your connections with food, alcohol and substances, chronic pain and habitual behaviors originate in your unconscious mind.


If your relationship with your unconscious mind is troubled, you may experience difficulties that aren’t really necessary. If you’re in harmony with your unconscious mind, it can help you to do many things. It can help you relax, it can help you sleep. It can help you manage your relationship with food, alcohol, chronic pain and habitual behaviors. In the deep work of hypnotherapy, your unconscious mind can learn how to help you have more of what you really want in your life.



Hypnotherapy can help you go inside, into a deep place that is yours, but where you don’t usually go very much in ordinary life. That may be a problem in itself: that you don’t go to that place very much in ordinary life. There may be a closet or two down there that needs to be cleaned out. Hypnotherapy can help you have access to those closets.


Those deep closets hold the old traumas, the origins of fears and compulsive behaviors. Hypnotherapy can help you understand and heal those issues. You can discover old, life-shaping decisions and consciously negotiate changes in those decisions.


With qualified guidance, anyone can explore the gently focused experience of hypnotherapy. Your conscious mind gets to watch the entire process. You are in complete control at all times.


Hypnotherapy typically begins with deep physical relaxation, because body and mind work together. Deep relaxation is a natural result of focusing your attention on your body. That relaxation can be healing in itself.


Hypnotherapy isn’t the answer for every issue or for every person, but used properly it can powerfully deepen your exploration of your own interior space. 




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