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What is Psychotherapy? 

Healing, Growth, Quality of Life 

Life doesn't always go smoothly.

Anxiety, depression, frustration: These happen for everyone: straight, gay, gender-bender, monogamous or poly, spiritual or skeptic, mainstream or not.

  • How do you cope with daily stress? Relationship pain?

  • How do you find fulfilling, life-affirming ways to scratch the itch that drives obsession and excessive substance use?

  • How do you transform the perspective of being in a social minority into a vision of personal identity?

  • How do you come to terms with satisfying sexuality, including the realities of aging?


Psychotherapy can help you with the places where you would like your life to work better. Psychotheray is not tips about figuring things out, it's about reaching in, down and back toward what you once knew but have forgotten. It’s about noticing what is really going on inside your emotional processes. That noticing itself can change things, often in surprising and powerful ways.


Soul work, deep work, reparative work

At its core, psychotherapy is reparative work for the psyche – the soul. A therapeutic conversation is a different kind of connection than talking with a friend. It is deeper, more structured, more powerful. In therapy, we can look below the surface and create change. 


When you reach down into those layers of your self you may discover pleasantly surprising things about your interior life.


Help with the surface stuff too

Psychotherapy isn’t always deep work. You may just want better control in a specific area that's being bumpy. You may  want to deal with an immediate issue and get on with your life. Life doesn't have to be bad to get better. 


It's easy to find out more 

As you read these words, you may not be sure that what psychotherapy offers will be of

value to you. But if you have some faint sense, some gentle stirring, that something inside wants tending, come talk to me. There’s no charge for a brief chat to explore what’s going on.



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